August 30, 2021

Moon Phase: Last Quarter, Gemini
Moon in Gemini manifests itself by the need for changes and spontaneity. Safety lies in thinking about your feelings and sharing them with others. You can be more talkative and speak with ease these days. You might have a better ability to keep a cool head, but beware, cold heart can discourage others. Harmony of thinking and feeling is important. (Courtesy Moon Calendar,

Word of the Day: Determined/Determination
Determined defined: Having made a firm decision and being resolved not to change it.
Determination defined: Firmness of purpose resolution.

WOO cards: Come to the Edge 36(r) and Never Ending Story 37
Fear based thinking, victim story, look about apply determination in a direction that is aligned with HP. Feeling stuck and OMG it’ll never get better this ONLY happens to me. I chose these cards and the word of the day when I was upset after working for 2 days on opening a new wordpress blog. I was successful when I simply altered a current one, that I hadn’t used in a while! What can I choose beyond fear and not feeling good enough, what can I choose beyond comparing with others. What will bring me joy and be right action?

Stone Ally for the Above:
Spessartine Garnet 53 Real self shine! Powerful manifester of abundance (on whatever I am focused upon).(Colette Baron-Reid, The Crystal Spirits) Must for building self confidence, personal power, and creativity. It encourages one to take action toward one’s dreams visions and goals. Assists on overcoming fears of new experiences and fear of failure, will encourage one to be more impulsive, spontaneous, and intuitive. (Ahsian, The Book of Stones)

Lemurian Quartz 31
Free myself to dream big.
What do I see for myself? How do I picture myself in this future? What kind of person have I evolved into as I strive to fully embrace and enjoy my life? Remember to see struggles as allies and things gained that carried and helped me to allies, epiphanies and inner wisdom, from the experience gained from having had them. Think big, no need to humble self (false pride/sense of modesty) OOOO combined with the garnet! See how any prosperity imagined can be of service and benefit to others. (Colette Baron-Reid, The Crystal Spirits)

Plant Ally: Rosemary
Carried and used in healing poppets for good health, used in love/lust spells, worn to improve memory, used in dream pillows to prevent nightmares, burned as incense for purification and removing negativity. Wear or carry while reading or completing tasks to improve memory of the material and aid clear thinking (great for students!). Use an infusion of rosemary to wash hands before any healing magick. Use in bath magick for purification. Associated with faeries. (Coven.the thrifty
Personal experience: lifting, surrounding, as in feeling of grounding in conscious contact or aura shielding. Freedom combined with clarity of focus. Not a specific point or item, however, the space to see what might be focused upon, outside of the itty bitty shitty committee, or outer seeming busyness or chaos. Like a cloud lifting. Reset.